CREDAI Hyderabad is the Hyderabad chapter of CREDAI, promoting real estate development in Hyderabad with a national impetus. CREDAI Hyderabad comprises a league of developers and builders who have over the years earned a reputation among buyers and investors.

Aiming at taking the realty sector of the state to higher standards, CREDAI Hyderabad constantly strives to bring in the best practices prevalent in the industry nationwide in terms of innovative ideas, latest trends and standards in construction activities, and takes sincere efforts to maintain integrity and transparency in the realty sector. As an integral part of CREDAI, the apex body of organized real estate developers across India, CREDAI Hyderabad will voice and represent issues and proactive policies before the government and other concerned authorities. The association will seek to redress issues pertaining to taxation and stamp duty, promulgate prudent strategies for affordable housing and to provide good return of investment for consumers.

Objectives of CREDAI

Present proactive policies

Promote stability and growth

Uphold ethical business values

Create and enforce guidelines among developers

Provide an attractive investment environment

Objectives of CREDAI Hyderabad

To perpetuate an ethical code of conduct this is mandatory for all the member developers / builders of CREDAI Hyderabad.

To maintain integrity & transparency in the profession of real estate development.

To represent the overall interests of developers / builders in Hyderabad by engaging in regular dialogue and representation with concerned authorities, on policy or regulation related issues.

To create a platform for developers / builders to work together in concert, towards improving the quality of development and construction related activities, by sharing efficiency ideas, and eventually work towards sustainable constructions.

To disseminate data, statistics & other related real estate development information to its members.

To promote the interest of construction workers & to educate them on best practices.

To provide a transparent platform for property purchasers, sellers and housing finance agencies; thus promoting stability and growth in the Real Estate sector.

To address grievances in a timely fashion.

To be the Knowledge Bank for all Property related enquiries in Hyderabad.