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Stall No : PD1
Stall No : PL1
Stall No : PL2
Stall No : PL3
Stall No : PL4 & PL5
Stall No : D1
Stall No : D2
Stall No : D3
Stall No : D4
Stall No : D5
Stall No : D6
Stall No : D7
Stall No : G1
Stall No : G2
Stall No : G3
Stall No : G4 & G5
Stall No : G6
Stall No : G7
Stall No : G8
Stall No : G9
Stall No : G10
Stall No : G11
Stall No : G12
Stall No : G13
Stall No : G14
Stall No : G16
Stall No : G17


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Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) was established in 1999 with a mandate to pursue the cause of housing and habit providers. It has grown its membership base since then and has more than 12500 members today spread across 23 state and 205 city chapters. CREDAI is a knowledge sharing network about the latest industry data, technology advancements and industry benchmarks for its members. It continues to make a conscious effort in bringing Mission Transparency and to protect the interest of buyers. Building a strong India has been the focal point for CREDAI. Alongside its commitment to ensuring housing for All.





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